J-rock legend calls on others to commit to conservation and sustainability.

There are a lot of reasons Yoshiki is considered one of Japan’s coolest celebrities. The first is his musical resume, which includes his role as front man for legendary rock band X Japan plus a slew of solo projects. Then there’s his undeniable sense of style. But maybe what most makes Yoshiki radiate such an aura of coolness is his global lifestyle.

Yoshiki’s charisma and fame have allowed him to rub elbows with dignitaries hailing from far beyond Japan’s island borders. In the past half year or so, he’s hung out with Prince Charles, President Obama, and the members of KISS, and now he’s applying that internationalism to his charitable activities too.

On Tuesday, Yoshiki announced that his U.S. based non-profit organization, Yoshiki Foundation America, will be making sizable donations to help address two environmental crises. The first, a US$50,000 grant, is being given to the Australian Red Cross for disaster relief and recovery effort related to the country’s horrific wildfires that have been blazing since June. Another grant, also of US$50,000, is being bestowed upon the U.S.-based Rainforest Trust, for conservation activities aimed at preserving tropical rainforests.

“Conservation and sustainability are two of my primary concerns,” said Yoshiki in his statement announcing the donations. “No matter what country you are from, we are all one planet. This is an issue that concerns everyone, and I hope more people will join this cause.”

Yoshiki’s latest humanitarian effort follows his previous generous donations for those affected by typhoons and flooding in Japan, as well as victims of the Kyoto Animation arson attack.

Source: Livedoor News/Oricon News via Jin, PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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