Large evacuations have made their way along the western coast of Japan as heavy rainfall caused flooding and landslides throughout the area.

Hiroshima has felt the brunt of the disaster. Overall, at least 200 people have died in relation to the flooding and destruction and more than 7,000 are taking shelter amid power outages and supply shortages throughout Hiroshima, Okayama and Ehime areas.

Prime Minister Shinzō Abe was scheduled to travel to Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt this month as part of a diplomatic tour but cancelled to assist with the flooding crisis.

Artists and the video game company Cygames, are doing what they can to help alleviate costs and lift the spirits of those affected. Cygames announced in a press release on Thursday that the company donated 25 million yen (US$222,000) to Japan’s Red Cross and an additional 25 million yen to Central Community Chest of Japan (Akai Hane).

Artists are posting support illustrations under the hashtag “#西日本頑張ろうイラスト” (Good Luck Western Japan Illustration). The hashtag first started when Fuuka manga creator Kouji Seo shared an image on Twitter with the comment, “This is a picture my sister sent me. I wonder what I can do.”

Ahiru no Sora manga creator Takeshi Hinata replied with “Let’s do something!” Seemingly emboldened, Seo posted an illustration using the hashtag and included the message, “Although all I can do is draw manga, I hope people who have suffered from the flooding will be able to regain their normal, daily life again.”

Hinata responded with his own illustration.

With that, a trend started. The Knight in the Area‘s creator Kaya Tsukiyama responded to Hinata’s image with another illustration. Tsukiyama wrote that he’s praying for life to return to normal soon.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga creator Reiji Miyajima kept the chain going.

Soon, Hajime no Ippo‘s George MorikawaFairy Tail‘s Hiro MashimaDr. Prisoner‘s Atsuo Ueda, Real Account‘s Shizumu Watanabe, and Samurai Deeper Kyo‘s Akimine Kamijyō all shared artwork under the hashtag.

Source: South China Morning PostCBS News via Associated Press, Cygames Press Release via Yara-on!Nijimen
Featured image: Twitter/@atsuwo521

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