Have you been looking for a way to combine your love of thrash metal with your enthusiasm for trying new food? As you may know, we at RocketNews24 are always looking for ways to mix up new musical experiences, so we were tickled to discover Metal-Meshi, a tour through headbanging history told through metal-inspired recipes!

The brainchild of Tokyo-based foodie and blogger Yasunario, Metal-Meshi takes its name from “meshi”, a slightly slangy, rough-sounding Japanese word for hearty food.The book offers up over 60 mammoth-sized dishes that put some of Japan’s other Americana offerings to shame! So what kind of gastronomical excitement has Yasunario come up with?

First up is a trip to Metallica town, where you too can become Master of Nuggets: a mega metal meal of one epic oversized chicken nugget, and cross-cut fries as you’ve never seen them before.

▼ To be chewed to the rhythm of “MASTER, MASTER, MASTER”.


If you like your metal a little more 90s-based, however, what about this Burger Display of Power? A thick-cut beef burger topped with bacon, cheese and relish, and finished off with fried onions. No lettuce or vegetables: they’re much too delicate for this vulgar offering.

▼ Sure to give you a Mouth for War.


We continue our tour with a stop-off in the UK for some Carcass. This filling dish is Corporal Jigsore Quandary Meatballs: tomato sauce and cheese, topped with a severed head and baked.

▼ Pizza cutters have never looked so scary.


If it’s all getting a bit much for you, let’s take a break with something significantly cuter. These BABYMETAL Pinchos are perfect for fans of our favourite Japanese schoolgirl idol metal band.

▼ Actually, looking at that shape and the swords in their heads, they’re the perfect snack for anyone who’s not really a fan of BABYMETAL, too.


Metal-Meshi hit shelves on May 30 and is priced at 1,799 yen (around US $18). Check out Yasunario’s launch video for it here:

Top image: Yasunario  Other images: Yasunario

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