Stop what you’re doing and get ready to lose your…ummm…stuff. Kawaii-meets-coffins idol group BABYMETAL just released a trailer for a new song featuring guitars by Herman Li and Sam Totman, the semi-legendary guitarists from DragonForce. The song is called “Road of Resistance” and our only complaint is that the trailer is too short…despite being over three minutes long.

Put your kitsune up and get ready to headbang…

Obviously, we’re excited about this song. While we’re sure it won’t put to sleep any of the complaints about BABYMETAL being false metal (because someone will always be angry on the Internet; it’s the law), it certainly will put a grin on the face of anyone who is a fan.

If you’d asked who we would have picked to be guest guitarists for a new BABYMETAL song, we probably wouldn’t have thought of DragonForce, but that’s only because they seemed to drop off the map around the same time Guitar Hero did. Even if they did release a new album last year.

Fortunately, we have to say that this might well be the best pairing we’ve heard since Frank Mullen picked up a microphone. When it comes to over-the-top guitars, Sam and Herman know how to deliver–even if you think DragonForce is wrong with metal, there’s no denying how perfectly this song works.

In fact, the song is so over-the-top and sing-alongable, they’re calling it their “new anthem,” and we’re inclined to agree. It certainly is an anthemic song–though we’re a bit curious as to who will be playing the guitars live for them. Could this be a sign that a co-headlining BABYMETAL/DragonForce tour is coming?

Regardless of what tours may come, we just hope we’ll get the full song soon…and if we can be really pushy, maybe even a new album!

Source: YouTube, BABYMETAL
Top/feature images: YouTube