Three of the fast food chain’s popular burgers get a rice overhaul for a limited time.

Just a few days ago, McDonald’s began teasing their customers in Japan with a cryptic tweet that said: “Ahh, I want to eat rice…”.

The Internet immediately went into overdrive, with some people speculating the tweet could be hinting at a re-release of the Katsu Curry McDonald’s came out with in the early ’90s.

However, today the fast food giant unveiled the real reason behind their desire to eat rice, and it’s because McDonald’s is about to release three new burgers that contain rice patties in place of buns.

The new burgers will be available as part of the chain’s “Yoru Mac” (“Night Mac“) range, a special dinnertime menu first introduced in March 2018 in Japan, which goes on sale at 5:00 p.m. until closing (or until 4:59 a.m. at 24-hour branches) every day. The Night Mac range offers twice the amount of meat on regular burgers for an additional 100 yen (US$0.92), but now there’ll be a healthier option on the menu that offers a more traditional Japanese dinnertime ingredient.

The burgers are being introduced with the slogan: “Gohan dekita yo“, which literally translates to “The rice is ready” but is also used to mean “The meal is ready” in Japan.

The rice burgers offer a new take on three of the chain’s regular burgers: the Bacon Lettuce Burger, the Teriyaki McBurger and the Chicken Filet O’.

The Gohan Bacon Lettuce Burger (410 yen) combines a 100-percent beef patty with smoky bacon, lettuce and mellow cheddar cheese.

The Gohan Teriyaki (390 yen) features a pork patty slathered in a ginger-flavoured sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce, with crunchy lettuce and sweet lemon sauce.

The Gohan Chicken Filet O’ (410 yen) contains a crisp, lightly garnished chicken patty with lettuce and aurora sauce.

All the rice discs used in the new burgers are made with 100-percent domestically sourced rice and cooked in a savoury soy sauce flavour to complement the fillings perfectly while providing customers with a new and unexpected dining experience.

The densely packed rice “buns” will help diners to fill up for dinner, but they’ll only be available for a limited time from 5 February until mid-May.

Source, images: McDonald’s Japan press release
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