Beef over five-piece chicken nugget combo leads to combo-strike violence.

Chicken nuggets are an odd combination of nebulous mystery and rock-solid facts. What are they? Chicken! What part of the chicken does the meat come from? Umm…the…chicken part…

But another check in the concrete information column is that when you order chicken nuggets, you generally know exactly how many you’re supposed to get. So when a 32-year-old beauty salon manager in Obihiro, Hokkaido Prefecture, got home from a local fast food joint on the morning of January 5 and discovered that his combo meal was short one nugget, he was understandably dissatisfied.

So the man called the restaurant and said “My combo meal is supposed to have five chicken nuggets, but it only has four!” In an example of outstanding customer service, they promptly sent an employee over to the man’s house to apologize and try to make amends. Then, in an example of terrible customer behavior, during the restaurant employee’s visit the beauty salon manager become so angry that he struck him in the head and kicked him in the stomach. The disgruntled customer also poured a milkshake, which had been part of his combo meal, over the restaurant worker’s head, which seems like a puzzling waste of food for someone apparently so hungry that the absence of a single bite-size morsel of chicken is enough to convince him to wreak violence upon his fellow man.

▼ On a side note, the Japanese pronunciation of “nugget,” nagetto, sounds a little like the Japanese word for “hit,” naguru.

Local media has not disclosed the specific restaurant involved, but a look at Google Maps shows only three major hamburger chains with branches in Obihiro: Lotteria, Mos Burger, and McDonald’s. Lotteria doesn’t have a five-piece nugget set on its menu, and while Mos Burger does, its set is part of the children’s menu, so it’s unlikely a full-grown man would order it for himself (his ability to throw a temper tantrum not withstanding), making McDonald’s the most likely recipient of the man’s business and beating.

It’s unclear whether or not the customer ever got his fifth nugget, but he did get arrested by the police, who say the man has a history of calling the restaurant to lodge verbal complaints, though this is apparently the first time he decided to express his grievance in the form of a beating. When questioned about the incident, the customer told officers “I haven’t done anything wrong,” showing that the depth of his love for McNuggets is rivaled only by the abyss of his stupidity.

Sources: Yahoo! Japan News/Hokkaido News UHB via Hachima Kiko, Kenko Karate
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