It goes without saying that here at RocketNews24, we love video games. While we might not always agree on which system is the best (PC MASTER RACE!), there’s no doubting that we’ll never complain about plunking our butts down in front of a screen and killing some baddies. In fact, some of us are even going to E3 this year for…uh, you, our dear readers! We promise that we are in no way totally, completely, and utterly thrilled to be attending. It’s all for you!

See how much we love you?

And what else do we love besides video games and our super awesome readers? Well, I can’t speak for everyone here, but I love some tasty metal riffs. Which is exactly what makes this medley combining music from 38 different games so awesome. Check out the 17 minutes of awesomeness below to see if your favorite game made the cut!

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FamilyJules7X is a well-known YouTuber who provides metal covers of video game music. In all likelihood, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably come across one of his videos some time in the past. With talent on everything from the electric guitar to the ocarina, Jules knows just how to take the heart of a melody and turn it into a killer solo. With hundreds of videos, it was really only a matter of time before he sat down (or rather stood up) to make a medley covering the history of video games from Pong to The Last of Us.

Alright, enough talk! Here’s “A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games.” Strap yourself in, get ready to grip some invisible oranges, and hit play!

As awesome as it was, though, we feel like there were a few stellar games that got left out. Where was Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Or Civ V? Or even Final Fantasy VII?

Well, to be honest, we can’t complain too loudly–this was a phenomenal video. Jules made a very fair point in response to all of us complaining about our favorite games getting left out.

“There are a lot of comments as to games they wish they saw and I love it but I chose very carefully. Let me put it this way, I put in a lot of classics, but I’ve covered a lot of Chrono Trigger, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy and did medleys for Super Metroid, Banjo etc., but I haven’t yet hit up some of my favorite games like Fallout or Super Hexagon. We all had different video games growing up and I love hearing about all yours! I’m sorry if you were displeased with my choices but hope you still enjoy the medley! :)”

Jeez, he’s just so…reasonable about it!

But don’t let that stop you, readers. Tell us what game you think he should have added! And then head over to YouTube to subscribe for more metal video game music.

Sources/images: YouTube

▼For more proof of Jules’s excellence, here’s his rocking take on “One Winged Angel.”

▼And we just can’t let you go without sharing this metal version of Portal’s “Still Alive.”