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Two-concert event to cover decades of video game musical history.

Even though video game developer Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise has grown strong enough to stand on its own two feet, in the beginning the inclusion of guest stars from the Final Fantasy saga was invaluable in legitimizing the Disney world-set crossover in the eyes of gamers. Add in the fact that designer-turned-director Tetsuya Nomura is one of the key creators behind both series, and it’s hard not to see Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts as close siblings in the Square Enix family.

There’s more than a little overlap between fans of the two series, and since both are also known for their emotion-packed musical scores, this spring two concerts, dubbed Key of Life, will be held with a full orchestra celebrating their soundtracks.

With the Final Fantasy franchise celebrating its 29th birthday this year, and Kingdom Hearts its 14th, there obviously isn’t time to play every piece associated with their numerous installments. However, the program, as announced, covers a lot of ground:

From Kingdom Hearts
“Dearly Beloved”
“The 13th Struggle”
“Tension Rising”
“Night of Fate”
“Darkness of the Unknown”
“Travers Town”
“Vector to the Heavens”

● From Final Fantasy
“Prelude” (Final Fantasy I)
“Those Who Fight Further” (FF VII)
“Memory of the Wind – Legend of the Eternal Wind (FF III
“Aerith’s Theme” (FF VII)

Also to be performed are medleys of pieces from Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and X, as well as a collection of Final Fantasy battle music. Yes, fan favorites “One Winged Angel” and “Eyes on Me” are on the schedule, as is, of course, the Final Fantasy main theme (the Chocobo theme, sadly, doesn’t seem to have made the cut).

Key of Life will be held on April 9 at the Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall before moving to the Shinjuku Bunka Theater in Tokyo on April 23. Tickets range from 4,300 to 8,500 yen (US$38 to $71) and can be reserved online here.

Source: Inside Games via Jin
Top image: Key of Life official website