Fried Breakfast

When was the last time you spent 100 yen (US$.98) on breakfast and felt satisfied? Sure, your dollar menu Sausage McMuffin tasted good, but after hitting your stomach like a greasy, calorie-laden brick, did it really keep you going until lunch? I thought not. Prepare to be jealous (and perhaps say “OC desu!“) of the following parade of filling breakfasts purchased at Japanese university dining halls, each for an unbelievable 100 yen.

Most of the 100-yen breakfasts shared on Twitter are standard Japanese morning meals: rice, miso soup, tea, and a few sides (typically dishes like grilled fish, fried meat and vegetables). These shots of Ritsumeikan University’s offerings include protein, salad, and a large helping of rice.


Students have definitely been enjoying the discounted but generous breakfasts.


Ritsumeikan has also offered luxurious meal sets, like this one that includes a lovely block of soft tofu, grilled salmon and (whether you like it or not) a cup of natto.


This one, from Hokkaido University of Science, requires an impressive seven dishes to serve. That doesn’t even include a drink!


An unnamed university even served “hanbaagu” steak, fried fish and what looks like annin-dofu (a sweet fruity tofu dish). I’m guessing it’s unnamed to prevent too much competition in line.


Meiji University holds its own with an abundance of bite-size sides.


They don’t always stick to traditional breakfasts, as you can see with the following inclusion of toast and spaghetti salad. @karin_a0821 tweets “Meiji University’s 100-yen breakfast! For this, I woke up earlier than I have all year. Here it is!”


If you’re wondering why she had to wake up so early, it’s because that price is only available for a short time. Universities have been offering what they call ‘one coin breakfasts’ for a short time to promote healthy habits in the students.  You may also wonder why they wouldn’t just do it all the time if they can. At Fukuoka University (or Fukudai for short), the meals usually cost 320 yen (US$3.12), but during the promotion the Student Health Insurance Cooperative Association is shouldering the difference. That explains why the food looks so good!


@kzmkzmn comments “This is 100 yen ₍₍ ᕕ(´ ω` )ᕗ⁾⁾ Fukudai quality₍₍ ᕕ(´ ω` )ᕗ⁾⁾” Do you think he really danced when he saw it?


You can see that each Fukudai student could choose their own sides. It’s always great to have options!


In fact, universities like Iwaki Meisei University had an abundance of choices. They have three different Japanese sets, three Western ones, two kinds of noodles and a tempura and rice set to choose from. Their kitchen staff must have received a standing ovation, as meals like these are often over 1000 yen ($9.76) in restaurants.

Iwaki Menu

While most of the pictures out there are impressive, there are a couple that might have missed the point, like this one from Hakuoh University, which features what appears to be deep-fried squid slathered in half a bottle of tartar sauce. However, they do earn some points for making it completely free.


Kanagawa Prefecture’s Bunkyo University baffles, with corn flakes topped with canned fruit cocktail and deep-fried fish. (Yes, that is indeed a cup of milk meant to be poured over the cereal. And fish.) Add a little ice cream, and you’ve got a fishy breakfast parfait!

Fruity Cereal Fry

But that’s not to look a gift fish in the mouth or anything—I suppose it’s really no stranger than doughnut sandwiches, dessert pizza or black burgers. It is certainly nice to see so many universities supporting students this way, and so many students tweeting happily in return.

Source: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter (12, 3, 4. 5678910, 1112), Hokkaido University of Science,  Iwaki Meisei University