With generously-portioned dishes costing roughly $4.50, this foodie heaven is great for the stomach yet gentle on the wallet.

Japanese university students studying for several years without a reliable source of income can suffer from overwhelming pressure. Luckily for them, cheap eats are a great way to alleviate some of that stress by satisfying hunger and saving money.

A dining hall in Japan’s Toyo University is doing its part in helping students concentrate on their studies, mainly by offering a wide variety of delicious meals at an affordable price. According to Japanese Twitter user @__tkc_84, they costs about 500 yen (US$4.50) each.

His tweet has since been made private, but fortunately there are tons of videos out there showcasing just what their campus food is like.

▼ This video’s first three minutes gives a good
idea of the type of food served there.

While bentos found in Japanese supermarkets hover around 400 yen, the dining hall’s meals all include additional salad, miso soup, and dessert, making them more balanced and satisfying. But beyond the outrageously low price, it’s the huge selection of cuisine that really impressed us.

Available to students is a veritable treasure trove of food, ranging from beef stroganoff braised in red wine with pilaf, to thick slices of roasted pork shoulder steak.

For those who want the most bang for their buck, the pork yakiniku will be their best bet. With generous slices of grilled pork set on a bed of rice and served in an iron pot, this dish would satisfy any meat craving.

What’s more, there’s authentic curry of various flavors, pizzas, rice gratin dishes and even halal doner kebabs.

▼ Cheap and delicious food? Nom nom nom!

Japanese netizens were stunned by the dining hall’s selection:

“This is great! It’s important to make sure people are adequately fed.”
“They’re even considerate towards Muslims by providing Halal food.”
“Is this really campus food? My private university is so small and without proper facilities. The food is utter rubbish.”
“Tokyo universities aren’t that far behind when it comes to campus food too, but I’ve heard rumors that Toyo University’s is delicious.”
“My university’s so dull in comparison.”

Having great food at low prices on campus is a fantastic way to keep students happy, and we’re glad Toyo University’s dining hall has no short supply of them. But if you thought 500 yen for a meal is cheap, wait until you see the 100 yen breakfasts that Japan universities offer.

Source: Twitter/@__tkc_84 via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/Justice Konaka