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Luigi has always played second fiddle to his brother Mario and it seems all those years of pent-up jealousy and anger have surfaced in Nintendo’s eighth edition of Mario Kart. Scores of English-language sites have already reported on what many are calling “Luigi’s Death Stare,” and all that news coverage has finally made it over to Japan, inspiring a multitude of comments by surprised Japanese gamers.

Here’s one video that’s been posted on several Japanese forums showcasing Luigi’s “take no prisoners” attitude:

Japanese netizens had a lot to say about the new Luigi:

“Finally Luigi has something other than his jumping strength to differentiate himself.”

“He’s so coooool!”

“That stare was more coldhearted than I had imagined!”

“Psychopath little brother?”

“It’s all going according to plan…”

“Usually Luigi is the timid, comical little brother, but seeing him put on such a serious face while crashing into his opponents is really funny.”

“He’s revealed his true nature.”

“I never thought Luigi could put on such a scary face.”

▼ For all those years of being the second player.Japan takes notice of mad-muggin' Luigi in American Mario Kart 8 trailer3

▼ Look at that evil smile at the end there!Japan takes notice of mad-muggin' Luigi in American Mario Kart 8 trailer2

▼ NO MERCY!!!Japan takes notice of mad-muggin' Luigi in American Mario Kart 8 trailer

Most Japanese netizens enjoyed the new badass Luigi, but it’s still unclear how his new personality will translate into sales of the Wii U console that must be purchased in order to play Mario Kart 8:

“I guess if you have a talented older brother, you’ll turn to the dark side. Luigi has really lost his way. I’m definitely not buying a Wii U”

“Omg, I laughed so hard at Luigi. I’m going to buy a Wii U!”

To see Luigi grinning as he blows Peach to bits and not even flinching as he mercilessly takes out a smiling pink Toadette is a little sad. Gone are the days of happy Nintendo characters brushing off a collision with a high-pitched “oh no!” Because apparently, on the streets of Mario Kart 8, we play for keeps.

Source: Itai News