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Nintendo takes “real-life Mario Kart” company to court for the second time and wins yet again

No amount of blue shells or stars can save the offending company from the judge’s gavel.

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Tokyo’s new “real-life Mario Karts” make it ridiculously clear they’re unrelated to Nintendo

Either a double dose of caution or passive-aggressiveness against Nintendo has MariCar’s go-carts looking weirder than ever.

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Tokyo’s “real-life Mario Kart” go-kart rental company loses lawsuit against Nintendo

Court orders halt to cosplay rentals, payment of fine for copyright infringement.

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MariCar Mario Kart driver mounts pavement, causes serious damage in Tokyo accident

The foreign tourist won’t be forgetting her eventful Mario Kart experience anytime soon.

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Cosplaying go-kart driver strikes bicyclist in hit-and-run collision in Akihabara

Police track down, arrest Taiwanese national. Mario presumed innocent.

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Nintendo announces its next mobile app release: Mario Kart Tour!

The beloved kart racing game will soon be playable even without a Nintendo console.
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Nintendo Shutting Down Real World Mario Kart Fraud

Anyone who has ever picked up a controller and squealed around the track in Nintendo’s Mario Kart has probably thought about how amazing it would be to get to do it in real life.

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Mario Kart makes the leap to virtual reality at new Tokyo VR entertainment center【Video】

Warm up those throwing arms, because it’ll take more than a button tap to chuck those Koopa shells.

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Rumors of real-life Mario Kart attraction to open at Super Nintendo World

Now you too may be able to experience the thrill of driving over a banana peel.

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Hugh Jackman speaks Japanese, pulls up next to Mario Kart drivers on the road during Japan visit

From the look of these videos he shot, Wolverine is in love with Japan.

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Trial begins in the case of Mario Kart v. Mari Car

Nintendo is suing a go-kart and costume rental business for infringing on their Mario Kart copyright.

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Japan’s amazing screen door video game artist is back with new NES-inspired projects【Photos】

Intricate process creates characters that look as cool now as they did in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

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Crafty Dragon Quest Builders player creates Mario Kart-inspired custom race course

A creative Dragon Quest Builders player has managed to build a Mario Kart-inspired in-game race course so impressive, he received praise from the game’s producer himself.

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Please make Star Kart, the Star Wars/Mario Kart crossover, a real game immediately!【Video】

You mean there’s a video that takes the world of Star Wars and combines it with the ruthless fun of Mario Kart? YES, PLEASE!

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Nintendo taxis?! Peruvian cabs outfitted with Mario Kart 8 setups for rear passengers to play

Japanese taxis are pretty nice. They’ve got those cool doors that swing open and shut at the touch of a button, and the lace doilies they usually have across the rear parcel shelf add a nice touch of class.

Still, we’re finding ourselves feeling a little jealous of taxi patrons in Peru, where one company isn’t just providing swift transportation, but entertainment with a fleet of cabs equipped with Nintendo Wii U game consoles for passengers to play in the back seat during their ride.

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Mario mod goes on violent rampage in Grand Theft Auto V【Video】

The vibrant Grand Theft Auto mod scene is what keeps the game alive long after people have completed the campaign, making sure gameplay never grows stale and providing plenty of laughs for both the players involved and the viewers of the resulting videos. There are already hundreds of mods available for the latest entry in the franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, and a few creative Nintendo-based ones have been combined to create this surreal video of Nintendo’s Super Mario behaving badly in Los Santos.

This isn’t the Mario that Nintendo wants you to see.

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Luigi hits the streets on a longboard, tries to best Mario again【Video】

Anyone who has spent a lengthy session playing Mario Kart will know what it’s like to start imagining elements of the game in their daily lives. Any time you’re controlling something with four wheels, you almost wish you had some in-game items to make the drive a little easier. Driving around and some jerk cuts you off? Red shell! Some idiot driving two feet from your rear end because he wants to go faster? Banana peel! Stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and about to be late for work? Boom, Starman!

For this longboarder, he might not need special items to clear his way, but he certainly imagines his cruising life like a Mario Kart game as he battles his brother for speed supremacy.

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Live recording for Mario Kart 8 proves F-Zero’s soundtrack is still cool 25 years later【Video】

It’s been about a year since the release of Mario Kart 8, the latest installment of Nintendo’s popular all-star racing series. Well-received as the game has been, though, nearly 12 months on fickle gamers are no doubt starting to be tempted by newer titles from the Kyoto-based developer’s rivals.

That’s why Nintendo is getting ready to drop a new Mario Kart 8 DLC pack into the marketplace. Making a video game expansion doesn’t just involve a team of programmers and visual artists, but musicians too, as shown by this high-energy live performance of an awesome tune from Nintendo classic F-Zero.

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Japanese pianist stuns us with faithful representation of Mario Kart music and sound effects

Fan covers of video game music are nothing new by this point, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. We’ve seen metal covers, beautiful acoustic covers, and NES cartridge harmonicas, but rarely have we seen someone so dedicated to conveying every sound in a game.

Using nothing more than two pianos, this niconico video user plays both the in-game audio and the sound effects. As one commenter put it, “This was so amazing, I almost forgot to comment!”

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Japanese gamers share their most memorable Mario Kart moments

Mario Kart. We don’t know a single person who claims not to like it at least a little bit, and with its 22-year history and eight (11 if you count the arcade iterations) distinct outings to date, pretty much everyone has zipped around at least one of Nintendo’s crazy cartoony tracks at some point in their life.

News site MyNavi Woman recently polled gamers all over Japan about their most memorable Mario Kart experiences, 13 of which we’ve listed after the jump for your reading and reminiscing pleasure. Honestly, we don’t think there’s a single one here that didn’t have us nodding in agreement.

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