The rainy season is upon us in Tokyo, which means the smart commuter always has a fold-up umbrella in his or her bag. Their small size and portability makes them great for just-in-case days of dubious weather forecasts, but then there’s always the issue of what to do with them after you’ve used them. You can’t just fold them up and pop them dripping back into your bag, holding them by the strap usually means they end up dripping down your legs, and tossing them on the luggage rack means ta shower for the passengers below.

Until now that is. Someone has finally invented a workable solution! Introducing the Susu microfiber dry case for wet brollies!

The fluffy looking material on the inside of the case is actually a highly water absorbent microfiber, so even if you zip up a sopping wet umbrella from a monsoon downpour, you’ll be able to chuck it in your bag without worrying about waterlogging your phone.

And not only will it protect the contents of your bag, it will keep you from having to join the throngs of commuters gathered around the entrance to the station frantically trying to shake as much water as possible off of their umbrellas before getting on the train. It just might save you from getting poked in the eye by a too-enthusiastic wielder. Take it from someone who knows…



The cases are available to buy now from online retailers including Amazon JP and Rakuten, and will set you back roughly 1,200 yen (US$12).

Source: Masalog
Images: Masalog and Amazon JP