Keep your laundry dry and wrinkle-free, even during the rainy season!

As spring melts into summer and warmer weather arrives, we begin to prepare our rainboots and umbrellas for the impending arrival of rainy season in Japan. For most Japanese, that also means finding a better way to dry your clothes for a month, since tumble dryers aren’t common and there’s no sun outside to hang them up to dry in. Luckily, accessory, gift and gag shop Village Vanguard is here with a solution: the “Wrinkle-free, Iron-Free Dryer 2”.

Yes, this item, called “Iron Ira~zu 2” in Japanese, which literally translates to “No Need for Ironing 2”, is both an air dryer and an iron, all in one. It’s set up to dry all kinds of clothing, from button-up shirts to jeans and shorts! And it’s pretty quick, too; you can dry a button-up shirt in about 30 minutes, and a pair of jeans in about 100.

The secret behind this amazing device is the air-bag drying system it uses. Simply put the clothing item on the appropriate air bag–for example, button up a shirt over the torso-shaped bag–, attach it to the machine, and turn it on. Hot air between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius (158 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit) will fill the bag and begin to the dry the item as it gently stretches the fabric to keep it wrinkle free.

The bag for shirts comes in both medium and large sizes, so you can dry a wide array of shirts. The pants bag comes in a one-size-fits-all size, but should fit many different pants sizes as well, meaning you could use it to dry both men’s and women’s clothing.

You can even use the accompanying t-shaped rack to hang socks and underwear inside the bag to dry, too!

With this gadget, you can stop bringing your work shirts to the dry cleaners as the Iron Ira~zu 2 will do the drying and ironing for you, saving you a lot of time, money, and trouble. The fact that it dries jeans much more quickly than hanging them outside is also a lifesaver in a pinch. Plus, since the hot air dries your clothes quickly, it prevents them from growing microorganisms and giving your home that yucky damp smell.

▼ On the left are the costs and time needed for dry cleaning your shirts and jeans, and on the right, the time and money needed when using the Iron Ira~zu 2.

And don’t forget the absolute shock you’ll give friends and family when they see a pair of legs sticking out of the floor in your living room! Really, this device is all pros and no cons.

The Iron Ira~zu 2 is currently available for preorder on Village Vanguard’s online shop for 12,800 yen (US$117.31), and is expected to ship to buyers in mid-to-late May. If you’re thinking of alternative clothes drying solutions for this rainy season, this might be a good option, and for emergencies on the go, we also recommend a portable clothes dryer, because no one loves walking around in wet socks all day!

Source, images: Village Vanguard
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