rainy season

Rain’s age of tyranny is over as we get back the use of our hands with an umbrella hat

Stay dry if not necessarily stylish, even as rainy season does its worst with a giant umbrella hat.

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Japanese vending machines loan out free, recycled umbrellas during the country’s stormy summer

No purchase required, consideration for others strongly encouraged.

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Feel like a sexy samurai with old-school underwear and the viral fundoshi dancer 【Video】

Loincloths make a comeback with the popularity of fundoshi dance videos and the oppressive heat of Japanese summer rearing its ugly head.

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Hydrophobic umbrellas are here to prevent sogginess during Japan’s infamous rainy season

If only umbrellas were even MORE waterproof! Oh wait, now they are.

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Samurai sword umbrella sheaths will help you fight off the rainy day blues 【Photos】

Chic canvas carriers let you cut a playfully stylish figure.

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Rainy season commuter must-have: a dry case for wet umbrellas

The rainy season is upon us in Tokyo, which means the smart commuter always has a fold-up umbrella in his or her bag. Their small size and portability makes them great for just-in-case days of dubious weather forecasts, but then there’s always the issue of what to do with them after you’ve used them. You can’t just fold them up and pop them dripping back into your bag, holding them by the strap usually means they end up dripping down your legs, and tossing them on the luggage rack means ta shower for the passengers below.

Until now that is. Someone has finally invented a workable solution! Introducing the Susu microfiber dry case for wet brollies!

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From cabbages to katanas – five awesome umbrellas from Japan!

Most people prefer to open their curtains in the morning to find bright, clear skies waiting for them, but with the arrival of the rainy season (known as 梅雨 tsuyu, and written with the characters for “plum” and “rain”) here in Japan we‘ve got a long stretch of wet weather ahead. If that has you down, perhaps channeling your inner superhero when you wake up in the morning and stepping out with this ninja sword umbrella will brighten your day. And if fantasizing about slashing enemy combatants isn’t your thing, maybe the romaine lettuce-inspired Vegetabrella from Tokyo Noble is what you need to put a smile on your face.

Take a look at these five rainy day inspirations helping ensure Japan stays dry during drizzling days of June.

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