Singing that kimchi is delicious but that she prefers her familiar cendol (a traditional dessert) and keropok (shrimp crackers), 17-year-old Joyce Chu (also known as 四葉草) from Johor Bahru, Malaysia has become quite the YouTube sensation. It’s now approaching three weeks since her song and video Malaysia Chabor (“Malaysian Girl”) about her experiences being mistaken for a Korean in her home country was first published on YouTube, and since then the video has racked up 3.9 million views and counting.

With her good looks and sweet voice, it was inevitable that Joyce would pick up a few admirers after her sudden rise to fame. One man in particular seems to be quite smitten with her, and even went so far as to create his own original response video to her song.

Who is this mysterious admirer? Keep reading to find out more and watch his video for yourself!

First of all, in case you’re not familiar with the catchy tune, take a minute to watch “Malaysia Chabor” below or read up on its background in our original article here:

She’s cute as a button, wouldn’t you say?

That’s certainly what one enamored fan thought, who uploaded his own cover version of the song with amusing handwritten lyrics. The video plays like an adorable love confession from a shy classmate, who modestly refers to himself as Singapore Da Por in reference to Joyce’s use of Malaysia Chabor.

Let’s listen to his cover now:

In his own rendition, Singapore Da Por sings about how he looks at her social media accounts every day, and hints at how much he wants her to visit Singapore (he’ll even take her out shopping and will treat her to her favorite keropok if she does, he says). He playfully parodies many of Joyce’s lyrics to fit his own situation:

▼Singapore Da Por’s version


▼Joyce’s original version. Hey, she already lives so close to Singapore…maybe someone can hook them up!


In Joyce’s original song, she also pokes fun at listeners by using several Korean phrases in her lyrics. Singapore Da Por also gets in on the fun by cleverly inserting sarang haeyo and joayo in appropriate places, which mean “I love you” and “I like you” in Korean.

▼Joyce saying “hello” in Korean in her video


▼Singapore Da Por saying “I love you” in Korean in his video


At the end of the video, he bashfully tells Joyce that he can’t reveal his own name, but then whispers, “Hello, my name is Gary, nice to meet you,” in Korean. Talk about an adorable ending!


Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles to go along with this video. But Singapore Da Por’s vocals, musical arrangement and slideshow of images are entertaining enough in themselves. And in case you’ve been wondering, yes, Joyce HAS viewed and liked his video on YouTube! Here’s hoping that they’ll be able to meet and sing a duet together sometime in the near future.

Source: The Straights Times
Images: YouTube 1, 2