Hello Kitty falls a little bit in love with her “YouTube senpai” Austin Mahone.

It’s been about half a year since Hello Kitty became a dedicated YouTuber. In that time, she’s already won over the hearts of some 187,600 followers with her surprising honesty and adorable antics.

Her latest uploaded video features 22-year-old American singer-songwriter Austin Mahone, and she seems to possess a schoolgirl crush on him. Mahone shot to fame from his YouTube cover videos and went on to release his own new music. His work has gained significant attention in Japan–in fact, his debut EP, Extended Play, was released only in Japan in 2013. Mahone’s 2015 single “Dirty Work” was also used as the background music in a comedy sketch by comedian Blouson Chiemi, which further increased his exposure with Japanese audiences.

▼ A video of Chiemi’s skit featuring “Dirty Work”

On February 4, Mahone was in Tokyo for the Samantha Thavasa 25th Anniversary Kickoff Play Press Conference. Hello Kitty also happened to be a special guest at the event, and she wasted no time in seeking him out to ask a few questions.

On his end, Mahone congratulates Hello Kitty on her up-and-coming channel. When she asks for some advice about successful YouTubing, he replies, “Make sure you make a video every single day so that it grows.” You can almost see her blush as she endearingly calls Mahone her “YouTube senpai” and exclaims both “kyaa!” (wow!) and “hyaa!” (eek!) in reaction to his responses. See their full exchange below:

▼ Don’t forget to turn on the English captions!

She then asks Mahone to say a few words about his new single, “Why Don’t We,” and he calls it “atsui,” which means “hot” in Japanese. He goes on to perform it while Hello Kitty remarks that the song was indeed “atsui” and she couldn’t help dancing along to it.

If that’s the kind of adorable reaction we’ll get out of Hello Kitty whenever she meets a singer that she likes, we hope to see a lot more of them featured on her channel in the future!

Source, featured image: YouTube/HELLO KITTY / ハローキティ【Sanrio Official
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