Not unlike the “911 attack cat” that’s been making waves across the States, it looks like a peacock at the Singapore Zoo has also gone into an unstoppable rage! Only this time, the battlefield happens to be a road, and the peacock in question has challenged a car to a duel. Maybe its wrath was triggered after seeing its own reflection in the car’s shiny exterior, or by the driver’s attempt to get it out of the way by beeping the horn…but regardless of what provoked it, this is one angry bird. Who do you think emerged victorious after the fight? 

Don’t be fooled by their gorgeous plumage; male peacocks can be vicious!

The video is actually a bit old, but we wanted to share it with you because it seems to just now be making the rounds on the Japanese internet. And while it may be funny to watch on camera, we sincerely hope that you never find yourself in the same situation as this car.

▼Like a lion stalking its prey


▼Peacock used “wing attack”! It’s super effective!


▼”Take that, shiny metallic monster!”


▼Perhaps the most terrifying part of the battle–even when the car finally manages to slip past, the bird chases it down the road like a hungry Velociraptor!


Next time you’re at the zoo, you might want to think twice about sidling up to that peacock wandering around…if you happen to set it off by accident, you might not be able to make your escape as easily as this car!

Source/Images: Karapaia