Suspect becomes victim in a bizarre twist of fate.

In May of this year, a hit-and-run incident occurred in Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture that left a man seriously injured with broken ribs. Police managed to track down the compact car involved and contacted it’s owner. However, she denied involvement, saying that she didn’t even drive on the day of the incident.

Subsequent investigations were conducted and found that not only was the owner of the car not the one responsible for the hit and run, but she was another of his victims.

Police found that a suspicious man had been seen wandering around the car owner’s home from about January to August of that year. A search of the woman’s residence also revealed that it was bugged and whoever installed the listening device had stolen the keys to her car as well so that he could drive it around town. It isn’t clear how many times that occurred before the hit-and-run he committed inside her car revealed his activities.

This ultimately led police to the 40-year-old president of a heavy machinery company and arrested him for a wide range of crimes. He reportedly admitted to them, telling police that he “wanted to know everything” about his victim in order to get her attention. It was also discovered that the suspect and victim had been high school classmates, leaving the possibility open that acts like these could have been going on for a much longer time.

The sheer depth of crimes that went unnoticed for so long left nearly all readers of the news feeling very uncomfortable.

“That is utterly repulsive.”
“That’s just terrifying and messed up.”
“Did he just become interested in her now, or was this going on for 20 years?”
“If this was a movie plot I’d say it was too far-fetched.”

“This is disgusting. I feel so bad for women.”
“So he’s the president of a company? Here comes the old ‘stress’ excuse.”
“If the hit-and-run victim happens to die, this guy might have committed every crime in existence at once.”

Indeed, the list of charges this man must be facing must be rather long at this point, but reports mentioned theft, hit-and-run, loitering, and violations of anti-stalking laws as only a few. There is also the sinking feeling that the full extent of this person’s stalking activities have yet to be seen.

It’s an important reminder to not take anything unusual you might notice about your home and belongings for granted. Even something as simple as shoes feeling odd could end up being something far more sinister.

Source: Kobe Shimbun, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso
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