A couple of weeks ago, Angry Birds crash landed into Singapore with a furiously red burger, spicy nuggets and a Chuck-coloured McFlurry.

It looks like the Angry Birds are out to take over the world (or maybe just Asia)! Some weeks ago, we reported sightings of the raging birds making an impact at McDonald’s in China, and they’ve flown further down East to make an appearance in McDonald’s Singapore.

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The time-limited menu, which includes the “Super Red Burger”, “Angry Birds Combo Box”, and “Lemon Custard McFlurry® with Brownie Bites”, took flight some time in May, so this may not be breaking news to some of you, but we just had to try it while we were in Singapore! We ordered each item, and here’s what we think!



▼ Super Red Burger

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▼ How it really looks like in the box. Messier than in the pictures, but at least it’s of a decent size.


Differing from McDonald’s China’s Super Red Burger, Singapore’s version comes with a single smoky chicken patty, an egg, a slice of tomato, and lettuce, topped off with “fiery pepper mayo”. The sauce was pretty tasty, though not as fiery as we had expected. If you’re looking to set fire to your tongue, this humble writer would recommend that you try the McSpicy burger (a regular item on McDonald’s Singapore’s menu) instead.

▼ Angry Birds Combo Box

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The Angry Birds Combo Box is available in servings of six or nine pieces. Spicy nuggets have been on the menu before, so they’re not exactly new nor exclusive to the Angry Birds theme, but they do complete the meal with a nice punch. (Seriously, why aren’t the spicy nuggets a permanent fixture on the menu already?!)

▼ Lemon Custard McFlurry® with Brownie Bites

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One can only assume that the Lemon Custard McFlurry® with Brownie Bites was inspired by Chuck, since they’re similar in colour. If you’re anticipating soft moist brownies mixed in ice cream, you’re going to be disappointed. The brownie bits were more like really hard chocolate cookie chunks, which isn’t all that bad if you like a good crunch in your dessert.

If you’ve tried any of these time-limited items, leave a comment to share your thoughts on them!

Reference: McDonald’s Singapore
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