Imagine showing up to the club with these babies on.

When it comes to working, whether at home or in an office environment, investing in the right equipment is a must. Everyone has their own tools and strategies, from extremely ergonomic furniture to productivity aids, and for some individuals, it’s all about having soul-healing, whimsical stationary. And those who happen to be a fan of the historical, ancient Japan, adorable objects, or a mishmash of all three of those things, are now in for a real treat with a new release of finger protectors shaped like haniwa.

Known as “HaniSack,” a portmanteau of the word “haniwa” and the Japanese word for a finger cot, “yubi sakku,” HaniSack are rubber thimbles produced by Lion Office Products. Like any other finger protector, they effectively cover your fingertips, up until the finger’s mid-joint, but their main appeal lies in their inspiration: haniwa.

Haniwa are clay dolls found in kofun, or ancient burial grounds from Japan’s third to seventh century which contain the remains of venerated individuals. Besides having a decorative purpose, it’s believed that haniwa were important figurines made to accompany the dead, and depending on the region, haniwa have come in a variety of shapes and styles.

▼ Bearing cylindrical bodies, many haniwa have been found delineating the borders of kofun.

▼ Animal haniwa dolls such as this horse below were also ubiquitious.

While these rubber thimbles are miniatures compared to actual haniwa, at the very least they’re portable and provide a fantastical way to protect your fingers whether you’re sewing or filing through piles of paperwork. Total, there are six different HaniSacks to collect, each designed to reflect a different emotion. From hungry haniwa to angry haniwa, now you can wear your mood on your fingers!

▼ I can’t help but imagine putting LED lights in their eyes.

▼ I also sense an uncanny resemblance to this haniwa pair from the Tokyo National Museum…

Also, if you flip the thimble onto its back, you can also see that there are flat, circular protrusions to help you keep your grip, especially if you’re handling something smooth like a clear file or a laminated piece of paper.

You can purchase sets of HaniSack at a variety of online stationary stores on Rakuten here and each set of HaniSacks come in pairs for 450 yen (US$4.10) a pop. In case you happen to be dearly devoted to haniwa, however, perhaps one task of order is to visit this mysterious effigy of a haniwa-tower… while wearing your haniwa rubber thimbles of course.

Source: Japaan
Top image: Lion Office Products
Images: Wikipedia/G41rn8, Wikipedia/Miguel Hermoso Cuesta, Lion Office Products, Wikipedia/Daderot

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