Ever felt the sudden urge to go on a solo journey to some place unknown, or just to wander around aimlessly to take a break from the sights and sounds you’re accustomed to? This cat in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, seems to have caught the wanderlust bug too, and hopped on to a local train for a ride!

The cat was spotted at Funaoka Station along the JR Tohoku Main (Tohoku-honsen) Line. It boarded the train and began its exploration on the train itself, jumping on the seats and looking around curiously.



It seemed to be rather comfortable being in the presence of humans, and didn’t mind sharing a seat. Netizens were thrilled to see pictures of the adorable train passenger, particularly Studio Ghibli fans, who commented that it’s exactly like the scene in Whisper of the Heart!



After the photos that Twitter user @OBAKO3408 posted went viral, more information about the cat came to light. Twitter user @mamesr replied to the original post with another photo of the cat, recognizing it as the cat that always hangs out at the bicycle parking area at Funaoka Station and commenting that he always plays with the cat because it would wander around looking for company.


We have no idea where the feline explorer might have been heading, but it seems that the station staff at Iwanuma Station, two stops from Funaoka Station, had taken custody of it. No one knows what happened to the cat after it was handed over to the Iwanuma Station staff, but we’d like to imagine that it’s continuing on its great exploration journey!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Twitter (1, 2, 3), Ringo no Blog-en