See what the future holds for this curious kitten who decided to dip into a box of cat-adorned fortune-telling charms.

The quiet, cool, nature-filled grounds of Japanese temples and shrines are a purr-fect place for kittens to relax and while away the days. Some of these sacred sites are even dedicated to revering the feline, with adorable statues and memorials making them known as “Cat Temples” throughout the country. In Fukui Prefecture, Gotanjo Temple is one such place that pays homage to the furry animal, with its monks feeding and caring for a population of cats on the grounds, who are known to enjoy lounging around the omikuji (fortune) stand.

▼ It’s such a popular spot for felines, there’s even a sign that asks visitors to reach around the sleeping cat to grab their fortune.

▼ The omikuji fortune-telling strips inside come complete with a “maneki neko” (beckoning cat) charm.

Instead of finding a sleeping kitty atop the famed omikuji fortune box, Twitter user @ana_not_kutu, who visited the temple recently, found a kitten bum-up inside it, appearing to be fishing around in search of a fortune of its own.

▼ The beckoning cat charms are so cute that kitties want to get their paws on them too!

The power of the beckoning cats proved too great for this curious feline, however, who ended up lying inside the box itself. For any unsuspecting worshippers, that would certainly be one heck of an unusual cat charm!

For those worried about the cat’s situation and its grave-looking future inside the box, it seems that today was a “medium-luck” to “big-luck” day, as it had no problems getting itself out of the enclosure, and stuck to lounging around on top of the wooden structure a short time later.

▼ To see a cute video of the cat in action, check out this short clip below.

Since being shared online, the photos have received thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter, where fellow users have been posting comments like:

“This is way too cute!
“I want to go to this cat paradise!”
“What fantastic beckoning cats!”
“If I put in 200 yen, does that mean I get to take the cat home?”
“That’s the most unusual omikuji I’ve ever seen!”

Given that cats have a never-ending love affair with boxes, we doubt that the four-legged residents of the temple will be staying away from the omikuji area any time soon. Let’s just hope next time they resist the urge to dive in!

Source, Images: Twitter/@ana_not_kutu