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Sometimes, after a long day of napping and begging for treats, a cat’s just gotta get out of the house. And what better way to get around than by Japan’s famously on-time and impeccably clean railway? If you’re still walking or taking taxis to your desired destination, take a lesson from these street-smart felines and hop on a train!

The most recent instance of a scene straight out of Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart was uploaded to Twitter on November 8:

▼ “Odakyu Line, a cat got on at Tōkaidaigaku-mae Station.”

But it seems cats riding the rails isn’t as extraordinary as you’d think. Here are a few more from Japan!

▼ “There’s a cat sitting next to me
…….it’s so unbelievably cute.
in the train”

▼ “This cat is going on an outing from Funaoka Station.”

When asked what the orange tabby was up to on the train, this Twitter user uploaded a follow up photo:

▼ “Now he’s looking like this lol”

▼ “A cat just got on the train lol
Is that allowed? lol”

▼ “Cats are sitting in the train!!!! So freakin’ cute!!!”

▼ “Speaking of cats on the train, check out this guy”

▼ Just taking the kids out to the city for the day.


This last cat isn’t quite riding the train, but he’s still cute!

▼ “Every day this cat sits on the bench waiting for the train (he never gets on though)”

Have any of you ever witnessed an extra furry friend get on your local train? Let us know in the comments section…better yet, show us the photos!

Source: Jin115