badcat (3)

“That damn cat!” Now, that’s a phrase that even the most doting cat owner has surely uttered more than once. As much as we love our kitties, they do seem to have an affinity for testing the limits of our affection–tearing up shoji and mercilessly knocking any object that dares to be close the edge of any desk, table, or counter onto the floor. Despite the best training efforts, it eventually becomes necessary to just admit that although cats may live indoors, they’re not exactly “domestic.”

Unless you’re this cat owner, who decided to shame her misbehaving cat on Twitter!

“Today’s repentance” was the message @bluetabbywhite tweeted with the photos below of a broken sugar bowl and one of her two cats burdened with a sign. Apparently the cat had been a bit naughty and knocked the sugar bowl off the table, smashing it into hundreds of pieces on the floor.

▼The crime scene…

badcat (2)

▼The very guilty party…

badcat (1)

Choosing to mete out justice in a manner entirely befitting of an 18th century puritan town, @bluetabbywhite decided to publicly shame the cat for its bad behavior. But lacking a proper stockade, all the cat owner could do was hang a sign around its neck reading “I broke the sugar bowl” and post photos on Twitter. That’ll make it think twice about knocking sugar bowls off tables!

▼Or maybe not. This next sign reads: “I regret nothing.”

badcat (4)

While we’re 99 percent certain that cats are incapable of feeling shame and have no concept of embarrassment, we have to say that we approve of this punishment. If nothing else, it gives us a cute kitty to fawn over!

Of course, no cat is all naughty all the time, and @bluetabbywhite has plenty of other photos of her cat playing nice. Like this “love-love” photo of the criminal cat and her sibling cuddling on a towel.

And here’s a photo of the same cat stretching out on the floor…perhaps plotting to trip any inattentive humans.

Finally, here’s the most gangster photo of two cats we’ve ever seen. You definitely would not want to owe this crew any money.

Well, no one every said loving a cat was easy, right? Though as one commenter pointed out, if this is today’s repentance…what else has this mischievous cat done?!

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter
Images: Twitter