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Video game and anime theme covers are a dime a dozen, so how do you know which ones are worth your time? Your friendly, neighborhood RocketNews24 writers will tell you! And what we are telling you is, this YouTuber has put out a ton of videos covering classic video game themes and current hits, and he is criminally under-appreciated. Sit back, turn your dial to 11 and enjoy some covers brought to you on classical and acoustic guitars!

Update: Based on the Japanese source material, this article originally stated that the creator of these videos is Italian. As some of our readers have pointed out, however, it seems that he is in fact Brazilian, and so the article and its title have been updated to reflect this. Apologies for the confusion. 

His name is Fabio Lima, and he goes by the name GuitarGamer. While his YouTube channel has plenty of subscribers, and some of his videos have a fair number of views (~500,000), he hasn’t yet exploded to internet stardom. Maybe this is because his video descriptions are all in Portuguese?

We hope we are here to change all that, because this guy has some sweet arrangements and some serious skills. He will wow you with his rasgueado technique, and make you wish you were able to play half as well as he does.

First off we’ve got your classics:

Super Mario World Theme

For some more nostalgia we’ve got themes from your childhood.

Pokemon Theme

Power Rangers Theme

The songs he chooses cover a wide range of themes.

Test your might! with the Mortal Kombat Theme

Sometimes he teams up with his friends.

Zelda – Garudo Valley Theme

And sometimes he teams up with himself.

The Simpsons Theme

His YouTube channel deserves your attention. We should be hearing him all over the internet and encouraging him to keep making more videos. So hop over to YouTube and treat your ears to some fantastic tunes! We leave you with one final video, because as everyone knows, Guile’s Theme goes with everything.

Source: Kotaku Japan
Image: YouTube (Fabio Lima)