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Even we can’t believe how much news and Twittersphere coverage Ryutaro Nonomura has been receiving. The disgraced politician who attempted to claim over 3 million yen (around US$30,000) in travel expenses without providing any supporting evidence has been seen around the world sobbing violently at a press conference thanks to numerous YouTube videos. Even a local station in California showed a short clip of the unprecedented meltdown during the evening news just yesterday.

Just like any other video of an unexpected reaction, this one has sparked a virtual onslaught of meme after meme showing the Hyogo Prefectural Assemblyman with the likes of Hulk Hogan and popular girl group Perfume. But one parody in particular caught our attention for how difficult it was to pull off. Prepare to cringe and be impressed while watching the following video of a perfectly timed, perfectly pitched recreation of Nonomura’s teary defense performed on an electric guitar.

The following video was uploaded by a guitarist who goes by the username RioT_Clover on Twitter.

How did this guitarist do it?! He managed to capture every wail, scream, and uncontrollable sob. We can’t even imagine how long he must have spent watching the sorrowful Nonomura cry in front of the cameras in order to memorize every sound down to a sniffle. Although this video is absolutely cool and really impressive, we don’t envy this guitarist. We had a hard time watching the cringeworthy footage the first time; we can’t even image what watching it dozens of times does to a person.