We generally paint politicians as a strange mix of arrogance and charm that seems to allow them to navigate through a variety of scandals. Through double talk and an almost sociopathic ability to ignore facts, an elected official caught red-handed lying or worse can somehow convince the public that maybe we’re the ones who made a mistake.

And then there’s Ryutaro Nonomura who seems to have turned the politician’s playbook on its head with his move of crying and shouting non-sequiturs in the face of accusations regarding use of public money. It seems to be working though as Twitter users are far less concerned about misappropriation than they are about how to best turn him into a lolcat.

The following is a selection of tweets featuring the people’s take on the assemblyman that became an internet sensation through photo altering, music, and latte art.

Let’s open with an impersonation. I wonder what Nonomura would do if he were a Pokémon… I think it would go a little something like this:

“Piiika!! Pikapii!!”
From audience: “Use Thunderbolt!”

A lot of tweets referenced Nonomura cupping his hand to his ear. This reminded many of the gesture-heavy pop group Perfume, particularly with their song “Ne-e.”

“This Japan… I wanted to change society!”
“You can’t understand.”
“So please listen… in the words of Perfume.”



They weren’t the only pop group mentioned.

“How’re you doing up there?”
“How’re you doing down there?”
“We’re all ready to go”
“Lemme hear you screeeam! Say ARASHI!


There was a lot more fun to be had with the ear cupping.




“Whisper of the Heart”


This one’s a bit of a throwback. That face is Mamoru Samuragochi, the composer who was supposedly deaf but actually had partial hearing and allegedly used a ghostwriter for most of his works.


And here’s what it would be like if Ryutaro Nonomura and Mamoru Samuragochi played Duel Monsters together, because why not?


Nonomura and Samuragochi were also fused with Haruko Obokata, the scientist recently embroiled in scandal dealing with scientific misconduct in STAP cell research.

“Mr. Haruko Nonomuragochi: “Nwaaaaaaaaa hahahaaaaa-a-a-aaaaaaannnn!!! STAP cells awaaah! Haaffuuu! Ack….kkkk! I can hear!!”


Nonomura was also compared to more respected members of Japanese society.

FunasshiiiIIIiiiii [Falsetto]”


This one puts Nonomura in the position of the “rainy season guy meme”

“The rain season’s finally over!? The rain has stopped?!”
“Awww, the rainy season isn’t finished!”“NOOOOO!”


The original:

Image: Waowaowao

And here is Nonomura as Japanese YouTube phenom Tarzo01 sampling some Zeus Ice Menthol chewing gum and declaring it OC desu!

“Now I will eat.”
“The smell… of men’s stall [menthol]!”
“In my mouth… I-It’s spreading all…”
“O… Hoooohohohhooooaaaaaa!!!”

There certainly is a lot of stuff getting made out there and surely more to come, but we saved the best for last. Here’s Nonomura fronting an emo band for a quick minute and a half track to play us out.

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)
Videos: YouTube – Perfume, Ichinyannyan