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Over the last several months, anime merchandiser Bandai has released a huge number of high quality Sailor Moon items through its Premium Bandai online store. Up until now, these have all been based on the original anime from 1992, but with the July 5 premier of the brand new Sailor Moon Crystal, Bandai’s ready to open the floodgates on a whole new batch of magical girl goodies.

The company is starting things off on a classy note, with the simultaneous release of five fashionable rings based on the tiaras worn by the Sailor Scouts.

The shape of the rings themselves seem to be the same, as are their materials. Each is made from sterling silver, giving them a mix of luxury and durability.

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Covering the 92.5 percent sure silver is a coating of 18-carat gold.

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What differentiates these accessories from one another are the Swarovski crystals set in their centers. Each Sailor Senshi’s ring features her associated image color: pink for Sailor Moon, blue for Mercury, red for Mars, green for Jupiter, and yellow for Venus.

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In addition, judging from the photos on the Premium Bandai website, it looks like each crystal is cut in a slightly different design.

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Bandai is taking preorders for the rings here for 11,340 yen (US $111) each. They’re available in Japanese sizes 7 to 13, and scheduled to ship in October. While that unfortunately means they won’t make it on time for the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, fans can still count on having their favorite Senshi’s ring on their finger before the new series finishes its scheduled one-year run.

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Source: IT Media, Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai