Is this a masterpiece in culinary art? Of course not, but it surely captures the look and feel of a titan from the series Attack on Titan. Voice actress Yuki Takao has been making and sharing her bento creations on her blog, and her unique style is starting to get some attention. Everyone needs a hobby, even famous people, and with their busy schedules, we’re sure they really appreciate the chance to relax and enjoy their time off. Yuki seems to spend it making unique bento and with food art like this, you have to wonder, what other creations has she made???


Best known for playing Kanzaki Nanami in A Town Where You Live (Kimi ga Iru Machi), Yuki likes to make very interesting “character bento“. In the small space of a bento box, she creates the image of various characters, making the food so much more fun! Here is her version of the character she plays in A Town Where You Live!

▼That’s kinda “meta”


With such a cute face and charming smile, wouldn’t you love to open a bento made with all her love? But be careful what you wish for! As you can see from her Attack on Titan creation, she likes to make her bento look as real as possible! Sometimes she makes things that are maybe a little too hyper-realistic!

▼BAM! Ladybugs!


Overall though, it just seems like she likes to “play” with her food!

▼Avocado? Check. Cute bean frog? Triple check. Some way of covering this bento with a lid? Impossible.


▼ Floor plan bento! We can see the doors and what looks like a toilet in the top right.


▼A pig in a bath of soup!


Her most popular bento might be this tissue box bento!

▼Lettuce get you a tissue!


This one is pretty easy to make too, and photographic instructions were included on her blog.

▼First fill the box with rice and separate a space in the middle.


▼Then lay the omelet over the top and cut an opening into it as well, then all you have to do is put a piece of greenery where the tissue would go. Tada!


With such creative ideas for lunch, we definitely can’t wait for her next exciting creation! You have to wonder though, if she actually eats all the bento she makes. If you are interested in what Yuki Takao is up to lately, you can check out her blog and also her involvement in the vocal group MIMI『みみめめMIMI』that she is currently active with. Keep making fun bento, Yuki!

Images: Yuki Takao’s Blog
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