When this high-school kid opened up the last hand-made bento lunch of his high school life, he found a note from his mother with a sweet and surprising message…

In Japan, where motherhood is a respected career, many moms take their jobs incredibly seriously. In fact, some mothers will go to crazy lengths to outdo the other parents at their kid’s school and show off who has the best mommy chops. But then there are those mothers who quietly show their love for their kids in more subtle ways. Rather than creating elaborate kyara-ben for their kids to show off to their classmates, they might do something a bit more low-key like slip in a sweet note.

Of course, in the age of social media, nothing’s a secret, especially not when it’s something as feels-inducing and touching as this recent example of understated mother love. When high-schooler Yuki opened up his bento lunch on his last day of high school, he expected to find the same lovingly prepared lunch from Mom that he’d been enjoying every day for the past three years. However, since it was the last one, she also included a hand-written note to mark the occasion.

“To Yuki

We’ve come to the final bento of your high-school life. Thank you for eating each and every one. Through these bentos we were able to communicate more. I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to make a bento for you again, so I hope you really enjoy this one. Your high school life was lots of fun, wasn’t it? There’s only a little time left, so enjoy it with your friends.

Thank you. From Mom.”

Naturally, Yuki was so touched by this missive from his mother that he snapped a quick twit pic for the internet to see. “What a great mother!” gushed one commenter. “I totally cried,” admitted another.

Let’s hope Yuki knows what a great mom he has!

Source and Image: Twitter/@yuki19980227 via Twicolle