Studio Ghibli-themed bento party among friends quickly escalates when someone brought the king along.

Making bento, or Japanese lunchboxes, can be a whole lot of fun. There is only so much space in the container, but a little bit of creativity and skill can go a long way in transforming them into parcels of gorgeousness.

And sometimes they can even turn into fun mini-competitions!

That’s exactly what happened when Japanese Twitter user @gtx373x and their work colleagues say down for lunch one day, eagerly opening their bento boxes and comparing their creations. All of them had previously decided to make bentos with a Studio Ghibli theme, and many of them went with iconic characters from classic anime films.

▼ But no one expected Hayao Miyazaki himself showed up!
(Translation below)

“We had a competition among co-workers to see whose Studio Ghibli-themed lunchbox reigned supreme. Among all the characters like Totoro or No-Face, one person made a Hayao bento that made us all laugh.”

Using whitebait fish for the majestic beard and hair, seaweed for glasses, pollock roe for lips, and bacon for skin, everyone easily recognized it as the face of renowned Studio Ghibli animator, Hayao Miyazaki.

▼ A striking resemblance, no?

After @gtx373x shared the awesome creation on the Internet, replies came quickly:

“It looks more like a yeti peeking out from snow. Rather cute!”
“This is too funny.”
“It’s quite well-made.”
“Wow it really looks like him!”
“Thanks for making my day.”

Whether or not this bento smashed the rest of the competition in the bento party remains a mystery, but one cannot deny its sheer awesomeness.

If Studio Ghibli starts making official Hayao Miyazaki bento lunchboxes like these and makes them available in its new theme park, we might have @gtx373x and her fantastic colleagues to thank for it.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@gtx373x