An aquarium in Tokyo has created a new app that’ll help you find your way, with the help of…penguins!

Sunshine Aquarium is located in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, and can be a bit confusing to find your way to since it’s quite far from the nearest JR train station. So they’ve come up with an innovative new way to both attract more visitors, and make sure they actually get there.


Using their new app, a friendly group of penguins will helpfully guide you towards the aquarium.


‘Penguin Navi’ (Navi is the Japanese term for GPS) uses the augmented reality app Junaio to superimpose penguins onto the world around you, so that you can see them waddling along the street in front of your eyes.


They motion captured the movements of real penguins to mimic them incredibly realistically in digital form.


Despite no changes to the aquarium itself, since the introduction of the app attendance has increased 152 percent, all thanks to these cute little waddling penguins. We have no idea how they came up with it, but there’s no doubt that it’s an awesome idea.

Source: HimaSoku