Brazil’s loss to Germany in the World Cup was, without a doubt, some of the biggest news of the week. Even non-soccer fans have heard about–and thrived on the Schadenfreude of–the massive blow out. It’s probably fair to say that, while not the biggest loss in World Cup history, it will likely be the most memorable of this tournament, and after losing to the Netherlands earlier today there’s even less for the country to celebrate.

And here to make sure that no one will ever forget about the horrible beating that Brazil faced is the Internet and tons of memes to make you laugh and cry simultaneously!

Normally, we bring you news focused on Asia, but these memes, which our Japanese sister site originally collected, were so funny we decided to share them with our English-speaking readers as well. You may have seen a few of these floating around already, but we’re betting you haven’t seen them all

So, grab your alcoholic beverage of choice and take a drink every time you feel a cringe. Or maybe not–we don’t want anyone to get alcohol poisoning!

▼You can see the original Google Doodle lampooned below here.


▼If they’re trying to suggest that the German team had Hunger Games-like training,
we would say that they’re definitely on to something!


▼Even the BBC was merciless!


▼Don’t worry, big guy. They’ll get another shot in four years!


In case you need to brush up on your German, Schützenfest is “a traditional festival or fair featuring a target shooting competition in the cultures of both Germany and Switzerland.” The image below is only a slight exaggeration.




▼Rigging the World Cup? Yeah, that sounds like something Bart would do…



▼This one has been around for ages…but now it just feels prophetic!


▼At least neither teams has been caught trying to illegally import a monkey…



▼Oh, come on, guys, they didn’t lose quite that badly! Maybe take a ball or two away…


▼The score was “over 9000,” but close enough.


While we know that Brazilian soccer fans would really just like to forget all about this game, we’re pretty sure the Internet won’t let them. At least not until the next big loss–and there’s still a whole slew of games left to be lost in spectacular fashion!
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