Sunshine Aquarium

Sunshine Aquarium’s 2022 lucky bag is a true rarity

Our writer would share the special items in his bag, but he’s a little shellfish.

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The popular Night at the Aquarium: Lots of Sex exhibit returns to Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium

We bet you’ve never read the words “sexy” and “fish” in the same phrase before.

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Dive into a galaxy of jellyfish with Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium’s new Jellyfish Panorama【Photos】

An exhibit so soothing that it can literally put you to sleep.

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Chance to feel a shark’s nards and more at Sunshine Aquarium’s “Lots of Sex” Exhibit

Limited time event teaches us about how our deep-sea friends like to get down.

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“Horror Aquarium” opens this autumn in Sunshine City, Tokyo

Experience a new breed of terror this autumn, but don’t tap on the glass! It’ll scare the fish.

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Over 1,000 fish and other marine creatures die at Tokyo aquarium after failed medical treatment

Heartbreaking loss of life occurs at one of the city’s most popular aquariums.

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Real-life Japan continues to look like bad Photoshop as penguins “fly” in the Tokyo sky【Photos】

The flightless birds seemingly soar without any CG or image-doctoring.

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Japanese anteater’s commitment to stealing other animals’ food is hilarious, inspiring【Video】

Never give up on your dreams… of taking other zoo animals’ lunch.

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Navigate Tokyo with the help of augmented reality penguins!

An aquarium in Tokyo has created a new app that’ll help you find your way, with the help of…penguins!

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A Cool Sight for the Hot Summer! See Penguins Fly – at a Rooftop Aquarium in the Middle of Tokyo

Okay, is everyone ready for summer? You may already have vacation plans, but if you’re going to be in Tokyo this summer, you may want to consider visiting the Sunshine Aquarium in the Ikebukuro area. Why? Because you’ll be able to see “flying penguins” there this summer! Read More