Baby penguin seeing sakura for the first time is all of us during hanami season 【Video】

You don’t have to be human to be captivated by the wonder of falling cherry blossoms.

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Japanese penguin plushie takes you from egg to chick to adult bird in seconds

Now you can have a companion penguin by your side wherever you go!

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Home of Japan’s anime-loving penguin has new tie-up event, may create another animal otaku

Kemono Friends returns to zoo where Grape-kun fell in love with his personal best girl.

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Crowdfunding for memorial statue for Japan’s otaku penguin shut down as zoo denies involvement

Facility where Grape-kun spent his days with his anime crush says it has no plans for a statue, hasn’t given permission for an installation.

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Heartbroken visitors leave tributes to Japan’s anime-loving penguin Grape-kun at new memorial

The artist who created the penguin’s 2-D anime crush has even left a beautiful illustration in honour of their memory.

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Japan’s anime-loving penguin Grape-kun passes away at Tobu Zoo

The cardboard cut-out he fell in love with was moved from the enclosure to be with the penguin as he passed away.

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Real-life Japan continues to look like bad Photoshop as penguins “fly” in the Tokyo sky【Photos】

The flightless birds seemingly soar without any CG or image-doctoring.

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Penguin Bomb papercraft is the most amazing thing you’ll see today【Video】

Watch as a flat stack of paper springs to life like magic, instantly becoming a three-dimensional penguin in the blink of an eye.

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Japan’s anime-loving penguin turned to comfort of a 2-D girl after being scorned by his 3-D wife

Lost his real-life penguin wife, gained an anime waifu.

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Penguin that fell in love with cardboard cutout anime girl now has his own drink for sale at zoo

Does it taste as bittersweet as unrequited love?

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Japanese zoo penguin falls in love with cutout of cute anime penguin girl

Humans aren’t the only ones who can have affections for 2-D characters.

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Japanese men showing an increasing fondness for women they call “penguin girls”

Penguins are always popular at zoos and aquariums, and now the aquatic birds are serving as metaphors for some of Japan’s most eligible bachelorettes.

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Cuddly arts and craft projects taken to a monstrous, muscular new level【Photos】

Japan has been turning cute, cuddly animals into terrifying monsters since…always.

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Red Oni and Blue Oni penguins at Tohoku Safari Park bring good luck and cuteness to guests

Who knew that demons could be this adorable?

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The penguins at Otaru Aquarium have huge appetites and no motivation but we still love them!

Look who’s stealing the show in the north of Japan! These fellas may not be very disciplined, but they sure look classy (and adorable) in black and white.

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The Penguin Train: The one time passengers going to Tokyo will wish the train was more crowded

The opening of the Tokyo Sky Tree did a lot to revive the surrounding Sumida neighborhood of Tokyo. Not only does having the highest structure and observation platform in all of Japan put the district squarely in the spotlight, the Sky Tree is surrounded by a number of other attractions that draw visitors both foreign and domestic.

In addition to the Solamachi shopping and dining complex, you’ll also find a planetarium and aquarium at the base of the tower, making it a one-stop center for anyone interested in the sky, stars, or sea. And to celebrate the third anniversary of the Sky Tree’s opening, a group of travellers will be riding the train to Sumida with some very special company: a group of adorable penguins.

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Awww! Penguin mouths are…ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING!!! 【Video】

With some animals, their cuteness is debatable. For example, a segment of the population in Japan can’t seem to get enough of the giant isopod, while others can’t get far enough away from the gigantic deep sea bugs. Frogs, too, depending on who you ask, are either adorable or gross.

But there seems to be a consensus that penguins definitely fall into the cute category, what with the silly aura of their formalwear-like appearance and waddling movements. Really, ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a penguin that didn’t make you smile?

And then ask yourself, when was the last time you looked into a penguin’s terrifying, terrifying mouth?

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You’ll never want to stop cleaning with this penguin mop topper

There are a lot of things in this world that are better done with a buddy – getting coffee, taking walks, watching movies…cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! While cleaning is probably the most dreaded chore out there, with a “Penguin SuiSui” cleaning partner you might never stop polishing those floors.

The Penguin SuiSui (suisui is a mimetic word expressing smoothness or unhindered work) is not like a high-tech Roomba, who will do the cleaning for you. He is, however, a low-tech buddy that will just keep you excited for the task at hand. He’s a fabric penguin with a hole in his back so you can slip him over the stick of your sweeper and he can swivel around the floor with you as you clean.

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Navigate Tokyo with the help of augmented reality penguins!

An aquarium in Tokyo has created a new app that’ll help you find your way, with the help of…penguins!

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Meet some unexpected web-footed friends – at the penguin bar in central Tokyo!

You know life is good when it’s Friday night and you can hole up in a bar with some friends to enjoy a relaxing drink or two (or three or four). But you know what may be even better? How about being holed up in a bar where you can watch cute sea animals while having a drink? It turns out there’s a bar where you can do exactly that – right in the middle of Tokyo!

Yes, the recently opened Penguin no Iru Bar (literally, “the bar where there are penguins”) lives up to its name by actually being home to live penguins that customers can view right in the bar. Wow, real live penguins at a bar? We definitely had to go see this ourselves, since it’s no big secret that we’re quite fond of penguins here at RocketNews24. So, what exactly was this unique penguin bar like?

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