While we rarely think about it, the way our atmosphere works is pretty amazing–filtering out all that cosmic radiation and keeping us alive. It also has tons of moisture in it, which, in addition to giving some nifty lightning shows, is also what gives us really cool stuff like sun dogs and rainbows. While it’s nothing special to see a piece of a rainbow or even half of one in the sky after a rainshower, it’s quite another thing to see a full rainbow shimmering in the sky.

But that’s exactly what appeared over Tokyo on Friday, setting Twitter ablaze with photos of the beautiful phenomenon. And because we’re ready for some uplifting fun this weekend, here’s all the photos we could find! Guaranteed to make your day 200% more magical or your leprechaun back.

This perfect rainbow was certainly a sight to behold. But it wasn’t just an unbroken arc–the air under the rainbow turned into a shimmering red hue, almost like an interdimensional portal. If you didn’t know better, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a sign from an ancient deity–or maybe even aliens!

Check out some of the best photos from Twitter below!

▼”The rainbow has turned into a barrier!”


▼”Rainbow! And it’s even got a faint double too!”


▼”Amazing rainbow!”


▼”I was just thinking, ‘There’s another rainbow!’ and took a picture. It was just so amazing.
It turned out looking like a gate to another world.”


▼Umm…maybe someone should call the Ghostbusters about now?

rainbow2Image by @BofTakaChan

rainbow3Image by @BofTakaChan

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rainbow1Image by @BofTakaChan

▼”Look!!! The rainbow is connecting Shimokita [Shimokitazawa] and Sangenjaya!!”
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rainbow 4Image by @nari678

Well, we guess we probably don’t need to call the Ghostbusters–any ghosts that come out that portal are probably just looking for some kakigori. But be on the look out for supernatural spirits anyway! And if you need any extra energy to fight phantasms, just head to these rocks.

Source: Jin115
Images: Twitter (@carrotcan5, @Nakajin_sekaino, @iso_be_yaki, @GoITO, @BofTakachan, @nari678)