And that’s not the only hit anime the pop star’s offspring are fans of.

If you’re a kid and your mom is one of the most commercially successful recording artists of the last few decades, you’ve probably got access to just about any toys you want. So how is Britney Spears’ son keeping himself entertained these days?

With Dragon Ball Z cosplay.

Proving he’s a real fan, young Mr. Spears (the tweet doesn’t specify if it’s 11-year-old Sean or 10-year-old Jayden inside that costume) chose to dress up not as Dragon Ball’s identifiable-to-anyone-who’s-ever-even-head-of-the-show protagonist Goku, but as Frieza, arguably Goku’s most powerful, and also respected, nemesis. Mom also showed that she knows her anime lore too, as she refers to the martial artist alien by his proper title, “Lord” Frieza.

Dragon Ball Z isn’t the only hit anime the Spears kids are into, either. Last month, their mom threw the pair a Pokémon-themed birthday party.

It’s always nice to see celebrities, or at least their kids, taking an interest in otaku culture. And should Britney be starting her Christmas shopping soon, and looking to shower her Frieza-admiring son with a little high-tech generosity, maybe something like this would fit the bill.

Sources: Anime News Network/Lynzee Loveridge, Metro
Featured image: Twitter/@britneyspears

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