Okayama’s Tiger Mask makes final donation of school bags after five years of generosity

Hopes someone else will pick up the mask from here on out.

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City official, angered when asked to wear a mask, throws own feces

Very likely the first political scandal of an official throwing their own poo.

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Can even heavy drinkers enjoy the “Stop Drinking Center” in Okayama?

Yes, but they can’t drink there…but not because it’s a rule. It’s just… Ahhh, just see for yourself.

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Okayama police academy instructor stabs recruit in chest during training

Instructor wanted to add realism to his training, but things got too real.

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Japan makes card game to help kids raise disaster prevention awareness

How do you get kids interested in natural disaster preparedness? With a game, of course.

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We head to Okayama Prefecture to try the second most delicious soft serve ice cream in the world

We didn’t know olives and vanilla ice cream could go so well together.

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Fried Oyster Ice Cream: the taste of the sea in a Japanese soft serve dessert【Taste Test】

One of Japan’s most intriguing flavour pairings

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One of Japan’s dullest-looking restaurants actually has an awesome robot waiter【Videos】

Veteran employee has been quietly serving customers for decades.

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Flooded disaster-struck region in Japan urges people to use hashtag to tell everyone they’re okay

After dealing with a natural disaster, this part of Japan is now struggling to prevent financial disaster as well.

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Okayama buses strike by continuing to run and refusing to take anyone’s money

If this tactic fails, drivers may even consider letting people cross the white line while the bus is in motion.

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Japanese train station stirs up nostalgia with beautiful rural setting and one-carriage train

A stop-off here is like a scene from an anime movie.

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Japanese capital to move from Tokyo to Okayama…according to a “time-travelling” Twitter user

The first question to a visitor from the future who could tell us about medical and technological breakthroughs? That’s right, it was about boobs.

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This super-rare Japanese banana has edible skin!【Taste test】

We get our hands on the mystical Mongee Banana.

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One Japanese prefecture’s bubbly message to drivers who refuse to use their turn signals【Video】

When you need to get the message across, use more bubble wrap.

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Japan’s cosplay inn giving a new lease on life to beautiful family business

Traditional hospitality mixes with modern otaku culture at mountainside ryokan.

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Japanese elves bring us a new snack cake with the great taste of old meat!

Japan never ceases to be the country of making something taste exactly like something it shouldn’t. In the land where you can get kimchi-flavored soft drinks and spaghetti-flavored ice candy, it would seem food companies are really just drunk with power when it comes to what they can and will make stuff taste like.

And now we have “the perfect snack cake for any meat-lover,” Momotan Aged Meat Flavored snacks. It’s in the form of a typical Japanese confection called manju with a cake-like outer coating and sweet been paste filling. However, these Momotan manju are heavily seasoned to make you swear you were eating a morsel of month-old meat instead!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream at “Soft Susheam”

If you’re thinking that one “would have to be out of their ever-lovin’ mind to mix sushi and soft serve ice cream,” then you’re not alone; that’s exactly what our reporter Nakano thought when he spotted an item called “Soft Susheam” on the menu of an Iwasaka sushi train restaurant in Okayama City. And yet, like a moth to a flame, he found himself unable to resist its lure.

Could something which sounded like a cross between soft-serve ice cream and sushi – two foods which, when served alone, have always been true crowd-pleasers – really work? Nakano simply had to find out.

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Denim ice cream, burgers and steamed buns now on sale from Japan’s jeans capital

About three hours from Tokyo on the bullet train is a beautifully preserved area in Okayama Prefecture’s Kurashiki known as the Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter. Set alongside a picturesque canal, the district has long been known for its traditional storehouses and shops, but now it’s looking to celebrate one of its most profitable exports – denim.

With more than 100 family-run indigo and dyeing factories operating throughout the prefecture, denim has long been an important part of area’s economy. And what better way to celebrate the locally made textile than with a selection of special foods? Come with us as we show you what burgers, ice cream and steamed buns look like when crafted in a denim blue hue.

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Japanese teens dress differently from usual for graduation; people freak out, call police

Since the Japanese school year starts in April, graduation ceremonies usually happen around mid-March. There are tearful speeches, young adults dressing up in traditional graduation outfits, and of course only the most heartfelt thanks and gratitude given to teachers, parents, and everyone else in the community.

But not in Okayama City. For the past few years there’s been an unofficial tradition of the recent middle school graduates gathering outside Okayama Station and wearing *gasp!* long jackets. And not just that, but they’re wearing them in different colors! The horror was so much that police officers were immediately dispatched to keep an eye on all the horrible delinquents.

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Man kidnaps, imprisons 11-year-old to raise her to be his “ideal girl”

If you’ve been in Japan over the last week, you’ve no doubt heard about the young girl in Okayama Prefecture who disappeared on her way home from school on the 14th. While a story like this all too often ends in tragedy, in this case, the girl was found unharmed five days later, confined at the home of a 49-year-old local man, Takeshi Fujiwara.

Fujiwara was arrested on charges of kidnapping and illegal confinement and now details are beginning to emerge from the questioning about his creepy, creepy motives.

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