So, farts are still the pinnacle of physical comedy. I mean, they cover all the comedy bases: They’re smelly, they make a funny noise, and they make people around you feel very uncomfortable. Farts are pure genius. Proof that God loves and hates us equally.

But sometimes you want to fart on someone but they’re just a little too far away to reach with your offensive bodily odors, no matter how hard you try to project your poo gas. That’s where the – obviously – Japanese invention of the Fart Cannon comes in. With this simple device, you can launch your fart gas at unsuspecting targets several meters away.

All you need is a box, some tubing, and a willingness to insert said tubing into your anus.

Behold, the Fart Cannon.


In the same way that you can direct the force of an explosion by walling it in on all but one side, you can apparently weaponize the offensive odor of a fart by cutting a round hole in a simple cardboard box. The hard part, according to Japanese comedy site Omotopia, is sticking a tube up your butt to ensure that none of the precious gas escapes.


After that, it’s just a simple matter of timing it right as you smack the sides of the cardboard box to project the invisible fart gas at your intended target. At that point, if Omotopia is to be believed, the recipient will react immediately with wild flailing and clear discomfort.

Of course, if we’re talking from experience, people don’t generally react that quickly or overtly to fart smell – trust us, we’ve tried – so we’re going to go ahead and call this one as a purposefully embellished viral prank. That might be fine, though, because one glance at your butt-tube fart-launching apparatus will probably make people react hilariously even if you aren’t shooting farts in their direction.

Want to make your own disgusting fart cannon? Of course you do! Here is a fittingly ridiculous graphic to help you create your own:


Source: Omotopia h/tKotaku US
Photos: Omotopia