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Like millions of people around the world, I am a member of a sports club. For a small monthly fee, I can take classes, run, cycle, lift weights, swim lengths in the pool or just relax in the sauna. And just like so many others, I hardly ever go.

I have every intention of exercising, I really do, but getting off my arse and carrying myself to the gym can be harder than the exercise itself sometimes. If only I had something to motivate me, something that wouldn’t take “I’ll go tomorrow” for an answer. Something like, oh I don’t know, a herd of ravenous zombies sprinting after me…

This, dear reader, is Run For Your Lives, an “adventure run” event born in the US back in 2011, each year attracting thousands of zombie enthusiasts and fitness freaks alike, all eager to give their usual workout an injection of fear and adrenaline. And on October 25 this year, the event will be running, gnashing and groaning its way to Singapore’s West Coast Park.

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Giving runners not just something to run to but from, Run For Your Lives bills itself as “part obstacle course, part music festival, and a full on encounter with the running dead”; an event ideal for groups of friends and colleagues as well as runners who simply want to try something new (and a little bit terrifying).

Participants pay to take part, choosing whether to chase or be chased, with those who opt to do the former being professionally made up and helped to look as frightening as possible. Zombies are free to wear anything they like (after all, the apocalypse waits for no one) but they’ll have their outfits helpfully altered by event staff to ensure they’re suitably dishevelled.

Take part as an evil clown, though, and very little tailoring will be required…

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Runners, meanwhile, will need to be in good shape to make it to the “safe zone” at the end of the course. As well having to maintain a fast pace for the entire five kilometres, they must traverse a series of obstacles including cargo nets, mud slides and narrow mazes. Those who can’t will be “eaten” by the zombie hordes, who will be positioned at various intervals and trying to grab at the flags hanging from runners’ belts. Physical contact is of course not allowed, but with a pack of snarling zombies running after you, we’re fairly sure runners will feel the fear regardless.

Whether you make it to the end will all your limbs (ok, flags…) intact or not, both zombies and runners will be rewarded with food and drink at the safe zone party, where they’ll be able to mingle, share stories and celebrate the end of the world with the help of some funky beats.

We’ll leave you with a promotional video for the event. Those of you in or planning to visit Singapore this October and who like the idea of running for your life – or perhaps scaring the life out of a runner – should head here for more information.

Actually, looking at the speed of those zombies, I think maybe I’d better head to the gym after all…