One of the things that contributes to the hole-in-the-wallet situation many manga and anime fans experience is related merchandise. Along with official merch, fan-made doujinshi and goods are sometimes just as attractive, not to mention rare since these self-made goods are usually produced in much smaller quantities.

For fujoshi (girls who are fans of Boys Love, or homoerotic manga and anime), doujinshi and doujin goods are even more tempting since it is only in these fan-made commodities that they can enjoy the forbidden fruit that is their favorite male characters being paired together. For non-BL fans, however, this is where things tend to get a little awkward. We’re not just talking about male-on-male action here, we’re talking male boob mousepads. See for yourselves after the jump!

Fans of Gintama must be familiar with its lead character, Gintoki Sakata. Being the hot, charismatic hero of the series, there’s no doubt that he is the fantasy target of many Gintama-loving fujoshi. Some of them, however, have a particular preference for pairings with Gintoki as the uke (refers to the “receiver” or “bottom” in BL terms), and they have even gotten together to organize a small “Gintoki Sakata uke only” event called Please! Gintoki (Puri-Gin for short in Japanese), to be held on 14 September at the KFC Hall in Tokyo.

Please! Gintoki will be hosting up to 200 doujin exhibitors.

The event is a venue for doujin circles to showcase and sell their Gintoki-uke masterpieces, and a chance for fans to gather and get their dose of Gintoki in all his fantastic uke-glory. Obviously, the event hasn’t yet been held, so we have no idea what sort of materials the participating doujin circles are dishing out, but the Puri-Gin organizers have revealed a sneak peek of some of the event-exclusive goods that will be available on that day.

▼ Such as this adorable Gintoki cellphone charm with a little silver cube that has Puri-Gin printed on its sides in Katakana.



▼ And this 70cm×100cm blanket covered with little Gintokis in a myriad of expressions.


They’re cute, aren’t they? But the most blood-pumping event goodie of all has to be this… manly… boob mousepad of a blushing, bare-chested Gintoki.




If there can be female character boob mousepads, why not man boob mousepads? Granted that this isn’t exactly a novel idea, but it comes close to being the epitome of uke-Gintoki. Besides, which fan girl, fujoshi or not, wouldn’t want to rest their wrists on Gintoki’s muscular, naked chest? I’m not the biggest fan of Gintama, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having that glorious mousepad!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Please! Gintoki, Twitter