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Have you ever watched an anime and thought, “Mmm, that food looks delicious?” Then this is exactly the cookbook you are looking for.

Many of our favorite anime characters have a specific dish associated with them. Naruto loves his Ichiraku Ramen and Gintoki from Gintama loves chowing down on his Uji Gintoki Don Parfait. Seeing them eat it time and time again makes us wish we could make the dishes for ourselves at home, and now, thanks to some industrious cosplayers, you will be able to create some iconic anime-inspired dishes thanks to a new cookbook called Animeshi!

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Cosplayer Yohco, who goes by the Twitter handle @veryprettybetty, is the creative force behind this new cookbook that mixes anime characters and their recipes. Even the title of the book is a clever portmanteau that tells you exactly what is in the book, a combination of anime and meshi (“food”).

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The easy, delicious, and cute recipes will bring you closer to the food that you see in anime than ever before. All the preparation and the photography is done by Yohco. She’s also recruited a number of her cosplaying friends to appear in the book with her, perfectly marrying characters and their recipes.

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Animeshi! will be available at Tokyo Big Sight during Comiket 89 on December 31. If you can’t make, you’ll also be able to mail order the book from within Japan through the Animeshi! website. Even if you don’t want to cook any of these meals, it is still a gorgeous cookbook that would look fantastic on your shelf.

Source: Cupo
Images: Animeshi Website