Want to keep your sexy manga collection a secret from movers? This otaku has an idea

For when you’ve got too much sexy anime art to carry yourself, but don’t want the moving company to know what they’re carrying for you.

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The best Japanese cosplayers from Day 3 of Winter Comiket 2018【Photos】

The final day of winter Comiket came with some unexpected surprises.

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The best Japanese cosplayers from day two of Winter Comiket 2018【Photos】

Cosplayers bare their flesh on a cold winter’s day for the bi-annual convention.

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The best Japanese cosplayers from the first day of Winter Comiket 2018【Photos】

Ghibli, Star Wars, and a Japanese politician inspire some of the creative cosplays in this photo collection.

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Cool music video offers an exciting new take on cosplay photography【Video】

Filmmakers have created an action-packed video collage of some of the best costumes at a recent comic show in Taiwan.

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New printing service offers custom-made manga in as little as five minutes!

Pixiv now gives users the option of turning their artwork into fully-illustrated doujinshi (fan-made comics) with just a few mouse clicks.

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In Japan, a wide variety of bento, onigiri and other ready-cooked food are commonly available in convenience stores and supermarkets, in addition to the vast selection of instant and frozen choices. With such food readily available at wallet-friendly prices, not to mention they taste rather decent too, it’s little wonder why there is an increasing number of Japanese youngsters who don’t or can’t cook.

As seen in previous attempts, cute illustrated girls are effective in gaining the interest of the younger generation. Combining cute illustrated girls in skimpy lingerie and suggestive poses, with girl-on-girl action and hints of incest, and matching said illustrations with cooking instructions, however, would probably not appeal to the wide masses. Bizarre as that may sound, such a cookbook does in fact exist. We’re just not sure if the illustrations are actually supposed to whet or kill our appetite.

As you might expect, some of the illustrations are NSFW…

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Gintama’s protagonist as envisioned by fujoshi: blushing, bare-chested, and super voluptuous!

One of the things that contributes to the hole-in-the-wallet situation many manga and anime fans experience is related merchandise. Along with official merch, fan-made doujinshi and goods are sometimes just as attractive, not to mention rare since these self-made goods are usually produced in much smaller quantities.

For fujoshi (girls who are fans of Boys Love, or homoerotic manga and anime), doujinshi and doujin goods are even more tempting since it is only in these fan-made commodities that they can enjoy the forbidden fruit that is their favorite male characters being paired together. For non-BL fans, however, this is where things tend to get a little awkward. We’re not just talking about male-on-male action here, we’re talking male boob mousepads. See for yourselves after the jump!

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