When we were young, most of our parents or teachers probably taught us not to judge a book by its cover. Well, here’s the continuation that we didn’t see coming. Don’t judge a cat by its back.

The HOTAC (Heart of Taiwan Animal Care) recently chanced upon a really unique cat that made their staff burst out in laughter. Are you curious to find out why? Photos of the funny feline after the jump!

Heart of Taiwan Animal Care is a non-profit organization formed by volunteers who dedicate time and effort into helping the stray animals in Taiwan. Taiwanese news website ETToday reports that the group has been actively trying to gather volunteers to help vaccinate and neuter the stray cats on the Penghu Islands since early this year by offering lodging in exchange for their professional services. They spotted this interesting feline resident on Wangan Island of the archipelago.

▼ Did you think this was a regular black cat?

From afar, the cat looked like a normal black cat, but when the cat turned around to look at them, they couldn’t stifle their laughter at the sight of the unexpected appearance that was unveiled before them.

▼ Surprise!

▼ Let’s take a closer look just to make sure we’re not seeing things…

It wasn’t just a normal black cat, it was a black cat with a “white mask”! The photos of the “masked” cat received great response on HOTAC’s facebook page, some locals joking that it was probably originally a white cat, but got a really severe sunburn after lazing around the sunny island, while other net users saw it as a white cat wearing a suit. Skin care enthusiasts claim that it only applied sunscreen on its face, or that it left the house with a face mask on its face.

Am I the only one who thought of The Phantom of the Opera at the sight of that cat?

Source: ETToday
Images: HOTAC