I’m not sure which is more surprising, the fact that Japan has convenience stores everywhere, or that every clerk working at them seems to be polite and attentive. Even with those high standards, though, occasionally you’ll come across a real standout employee, such as Family Mart’s Kato.

As we reported in June, Kato throws himself into his work with more energy and enthusiasm than any manager has a right to expect of front-line customer service workers. But while Kato’s unbridled passion for his job has made him something of a minor Internet celebrity, it’s also attracted the attention of Family Mart headquarters, which has asked the animated clerk to consider toning his act down.

The branch Kato works at is located in Osu, one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Nagoya. With a mix of anime and retro audio equipment specialty shops, ethnic restaurants, and even the grave of a prominent samurai, the vibe in Osu is lively and unique, which just happen to be accurate descriptions of Kato, too.

As he shouts out greetings and slaps his touchscreen register like it’s got a dirty mouth, Kato has earned something rather unusual for a convenience store clerk: a fanbase. In the two months Internet users in Japan have been sharing their videos of Kato in action, his branch has had visitors from as far away as Fukuoka Prefecture swing by to be served by the friendly employee in person.

However, even 24-year-old Kato can’t make everyone happy all the time, even if it honestly looks like that’s his goal. Some people have apparently grumbled that they feel the way he handles customers’ cash is sloppy or disrespectful, which in turn led to Family Mart headquarters asking Kato if he could adopt a more relaxed, low-key personal customer service policy.

Kato responded that no, he can’t tone it down, and with very good reason.

“This is how I think I should do my job.”

Japanese website Byokan Sunday recently visited Kato’s branch, and while there they did notice that he wasn’t taking customers’ payments nor giving them their change. He was still welcoming customers and thanking them for coming with all of his regular enthusiasm, though, plus handing over their purchases in the hyperkinetic way that only he can.

In other words, while Family Mart’s corporate bigwigs may frown on Kato’s antics, it doesn’t seem like he’s technically violating any sort of official company policy. Provided the clerk has the energy to keep it up (and from what we’ve seen, it doesn’t look like that’ll be a problem), Osu Family Mart customers who appreciate Kato’s style can continue looking forward to him giving them their melon bread, Pocari Sweat, and an ear-to-ear smile.

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