“Sanitary products are a necessity” says chain.

Convenience stores in Japan serve a slightly different purpose than they do in other countries. Sure, they’re ready to satisfy customers’ snack and sudsy cravings with rows of candy and cooler cases of beer, but because so many people in Japan do their shopping on foot, convenience stores offer a wide range of non-edible must-buys too, like dry goods and toiletries.

Stocking such daily essentials means they also have the monthly essentials of feminine hygiene products, and this week Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart said that it will be reducing the price of more than two dozen sanitary products for the entire year.

▼ Some of the items whose prices Family Mart is reducing

The decision comes as part of Family Mart’s 40th anniversary initiative, as the company looks for ways to evolve and improve as it enters its fifth decade in existence. With International Women’s Day taking place on March 8, the company felt the time was right to kick off the discount, which reduces the price by two percent for 25 items, covering sanitary pads, tampons, and sanitary shorts from makers Unicharm (Sofy, Charm Nap, and Center-In lines), Kao (Laurier) and Sloggi. The discount went into effect on March 9, and will continue until December 31 at all Family Mart locations except those within Okinawa Prefecture.

While two percent isn’t a monumental difference for a one-time purchase, added up over the course of the year it should work out to some welcome savings, and with sales tax in Japan having recently been bumped up from eight percent to 10, it’s a nice attempt to counteract the extra financial burden that’s been placed on consumers. “Sanitary products are a necessity” said Family Mart in announcing its new pricing plan, and “if we can offer items our customers need at prices that make it even a little easier for them to do so, we want to do that for them.”

Source: Family Mart, PR Times via IT Media
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