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Growing up in the U.S., I had always been pretty jaded with customer service. At best, I’d get a cashier thanking me for my patronage (in response to which I would sometimes awkwardly say, “You too!”), and at worst I’d have to remind the cashier s/he was on the clock just to get them to lazily punch in some numbers and ring up my diet coke.

Things are different in Japan. People in retail and customer service jobs practically fall all over themselves to help the customer – when they aren’t busy taking Twitter photos of themselves in ice boxes, anyway. But this Family Mart employee may put them all to shame; he’s got the whole ringing someone up routine down to superhuman levels, snatching cash out of customer’s hands and tossing it into the register with ease and confidence like he’s some kind of teetotalling flair bartender:

Overenthusiastic Family Mart Guy – a name I just came up with – has been racking up the social media love in his native Japan, with over one million views of his various arm flailing customer service videos.

Kato-san (the guy’s real name), generated so much goodwill and attention online that news outlets started seeking him out. He says of his sort of bizarre brand of customer service, “It’s better to be enthusiastic than not at all.” There’s some sage life advice if we’ve ever heard it.

Fittingly, Kato-san spends most of his days working at an Osu Family Mart – a location in Nagoya known for its funky vibe. So, now you know where to find him if you want to add a little spice to your canned coffee purchasing experience.

Source: Byokan Sunday