Um, I don’t remember buying that. I’m not even sure if I CAN buy that.

Working at a Japanese convenience store has to be tough. Not only do you have to work odd hours and put up with cranky customers, but sometimes you have to hold cars ransom and leap over the desk Super Mario style.

All of that can be exhausting, which means clerks may get tired and make mistakes. And that’s exactly what happened to Japanese Twitter user @D_u_P_II when he went to a Family Mart convenience store, came home, and then opened his bag to a surprise:

▼ Underneath their packet of bacon was…
the register’s money tray!

For anyone who hasn’t shopped in Japan before, the money tray is one of many small features of checking out in Japan. Instead of handing cash directly to the clerk, you put it in the money tray instead, and then they put your change in the tray for you to pick up.

Of course, the money tray is supposed to stay at the register, not end up in the customer’s bag! It’d be like finding a roll of blank receipt tape or a price scanner in your bag.

After having a good laugh, @D_u_p_II returned the tray to the store, saying this online:

“I’ve returned the tray.

This time I put my items in a basket, and I watched as the same clerk took them out and placed them on top of the money tray to scan them. (Never thought it would stick to the merchandise!) But the clerk was very calm and all smiles. Now they should get some rest!”

It seems as though the clerk was just in the habit of stacking customers’ purchases on top of the money tray, and then accidentally slid it into a plastic bag along with the items. With a check-out method like that, it was bound to happen at some point!

We just wonder what their initial reaction must’ve been like. Did they realize what they did? Or were they tried enough to not even notice the difference?

Other Twitter users chimed in with their own similar experiences:

“I’ve had the same experience before.”

▼ This person was “lucky” enough to get the round finger-wetting sponge, which clerks
use to clean their fingers before touching cash. A very rare drop indeed!

While all of these slip ups can be attributed to simple mistakes or tiredness, there may be something else going on here. Is it possible that, perhaps, some of these locations happened to fall into the bizarre convenience store dimension known as… the Gifu Zone?

Source: Twitter/@D_u_P_II via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso (1, 2)