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Frozen is really big in Japan – perhaps even more so than in the West. It’s big enough that not only are there multiple Japanese versions of the film’s biggest hit song number, “Let it Go” – to cover a variety of different regional dialects – but at least one obsessive Japanese fan went to huge lengths and poured a ton of money into recreating the special wizard handcuffs that film lead Elsa is briefly entrapped in during the movie.

In the animated musical, the cuffs are made from a special material or otherwise enchanted to prevent Elsa from using her sweet ice powers to build snowmen and/or go on a murderous wintery rampage.

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Although the cuffs and the scenes they appear in occupy a pretty short span of the film’s overall run time, this crafty Japanese fan apparently thought they were just the best and set about making a pair of his own to sell on Yahoo! Auction Japan to some even more obsessed fan.

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The replica cuffs are obviously made from some pretty high quality materials and come with a working key, plus a spare, in case you’ve lost the original but have a change of heart about holding Gandalf hostage. The base plate can even be screwed into the floor to make the replica into an actual medieval torture device and guarantee all guests to your home become suspicious that you might be a serial killer.

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If you’ve got the exorbitant amount of cash to meet the base asking price – a cool 200,000 yen (US$2,000) – you can make this pair of wizard cuffs your very own to display in its sweet cushioned display case. Or, who are we kidding, use for your bizarre wizard-themed S&M sessions.

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Source and Photos: Yahoo! Auction